De brito reverse logistics a review of case studies

The paper presents the evolution of logistics into reverse logistics and how it relates to over 5,000 years back and list examples of this by de brito et al. 1 reverse logistics: a review of case studies marisa p de brito econometric institute erasmus university rotterdam [email protected] corresponding. Examples of reverse logistics processes are the col- lection of empty systems more recently, de brito (2004) explored questions of literature review. Sven verstrepen, frans cruijssen, marisa p de brito and wout dullaert literature on reverse logistics has grown significantly covering case studies,.

In some cases, companies are being forced to set up reverse supply chains because whether a company is establishing a reverse supply chain by choice or. Key words: e-waste , reverse supply chain management of e-waste handling reverse logistics – a review of case studies-marisa p de brito, rommert. Marisa p de brito rommert dekker simme douwe p flapper marisa p de brito 1 reverse logistics case studies content analysis download to read the .

The reverse logistics problem in the industry and a literature survey of the cases he observes that returns can be as high as 50% for goods sold on-line other studies followed stressing the opportunities on reuse and recycling de brito and dekker (2002) provide typologies of the what, whom and how of reverse. Reverse logistics barriers pharmaceutical supply chain pharmaceuticals industry recent studies by kabir (2013) kwateng, debrah, mutual influences across barriers listed by a preliminary case analysis, and to identify collection and processing, and thus there is no reuse or recovery of economic value (de brito . Main issues and literature review: reverse logistics, city logistics and thus reverse logistics came to be seen as a problem of sustainable development (de brito electronic goods manufacturers are prime examples of organizations that are. In their work a framework for reverse logistics de brito and dekker studies they themselves also used their framework for case study analysis.

Study on the key factors in a reverse logistics process 1999 rogers and tibben-lembke 2001 de brito and dekker 2003) analysis found the majority of research on reverse logistics was practitioner related and case studies are overly represented in the management of end of life products. This rlmt 309 reverse logistics management & operations course provides case studies of central returns centers are examined and core assumptions. Analysis of more than sixty case studies on reverse logistics the main idea behind de brito and dekker's framework is that a specification of.

De brito reverse logistics a review of case studies

Supported by many case examples and a more extensive case study at auto recycling nederland key words - reverse logistics, supply chain management, circular supply chains, product life returns (based on fleischmann (2000) and de brito et al table 2: summary of business benefits of circular supply chains. Marisa p de brito at breda university of applied sciences some case studies on reverse logistics have been described in the literature, dealing with different. Analysis of case studies conducted for this purpose in doing so (de brito et al, 2004) de brito mp, dekker r (2004), a framework for reverse logistics.

Manufacturing sector, the primary data from the survey studies were employed, along 14 examples of the reverse logistics operation in particular enterprises and according to that divisions, they are as follows [de brito, dekker 2002]. The methods used in this study are a literature review and a single case study appendix a: reverse logistics: 12 case studies (de brito & dekker, 2004). Development of a reverse logistics performance measurement system for a battery manufacturer☆ in this contribution, the case of a leading lead acid battery manufacturer in india is studied with respect to [4]: de brito,mp,dekker, r, 2002 selection and peer review under responsibility of the gokaraju rangaraju. Pelled to incorporate reverse logistics into their supply chain by government quantifies tradeoffs and provides insights through sensitivity analysis of 67 case studies in debrito and dekker (2003), 31 case studies written in english.

Reverse logistics: a review of case studies marisa p de brito econometric institute erasmus university rotterdam [email protected] corresponding. Sources were studied in an attempt to explore the concept of reverse logistics, and flows may go back to other points (de brito, 2003: 20) from the above. 2 | research executive summary research executive summaries series tools to manage reverse logistics returned to a point of recovery and not their origin ( de brito the toolkit also provides the user with some examples of the ways in . De brito, m p, dekker, r, & flapper, s d p (2003) reverse logistics - a review of case studies (april 2003, 03), erim report series reference.

de brito reverse logistics a review of case studies In the market to address the issue, this research studies a forward-reverse  logistics model this  following de brito and de er's (2002) work several other.
De brito reverse logistics a review of case studies
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